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With colder weather comes an increased chance of a pipe bursting in your home. When temperatures drop, water expands as it freezes and can create enough pressure to damage a pipe. As we continue into the winter months, here is what to do if a pipe bursts in your home.

Turn off the water

If you discover a leak, shut off your home’s main water valve immediately. This will stop the water flow and prevent additional water damage. Electricity should also be cut off to the affected area of the home.

Call a plumber

Many plumbers offer 24/7 emergency services. However, while they will make the necessary repairs to restore the plumbing system in your home, it will still be up to you to address the resulting water damage.

Dry the Area

In addition to soaking up any flooded water, use an air mover to force water out of carpets, furniture, and walls. Meanwhile, a dehumidifier will help to remove excess moisture from the air. Both of these tools can be essential for preventing mold growth.

Call a Restoration Professional

Depending on the severity of the problem, you may not wish to tackle it on your own. Our licensed and bonded Houston restoration company knows how devastating excess water can be, and we are available when you need us most.

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