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When you think of a property that is in need of water damage restoration, you may assume that the damage was sustained as a result of a storm or flood. However, The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) has chronicled the three main causes of water damage based on insurance claims for damage restoration, and the following were reported.

General Plumbing Issues

Whether it is a sump pump failure or a malfunctioning pipe in a crawl space, general problems with home plumbing are some of the most common causes of water damage in Houston, TX. Keep an eye out for water marks on the drywall, and listen for dripping noises that could be coming from pipes beyond the walls. Any unidentified murky smells in your home could also be a sign of a plumbing issue.

Toilet Troubles

Most of us have experienced a clogged toilet that has been typified by not being able to flush or by water flowing over the bowl. If a malfunctioning toilet system is not addressed promptly, it could result in substantial water damage.

Malfunctioning Washing Machine

If a washing machine is operated improperly, such as it being overloaded, extensive pressure can lead to a busted hose. This or a dislodged drain hose could result in large amounts of water spewing everywhere.

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