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Get Back on Your Feet with Clean Air Restoration’s Help

When your residential or commercial property has experienced catastrophic damage, contact the experts at Clean Air Restoration. We’ve provided restoration and reconstruction services to Houston-area residents for years. Unlike new construction or renovation, building restoration and reconstruction has to happen quickly. General contractors are not suited to deal with the fast-paced demands of this kind of job. We offer a service that allows you and your family to move back to the place you call home. Our experienced specialists enable your business to get up-and-running again.


We Work Hard to Live Up to Our Hard-Won Reputation

Clean Air Restoration uses our experience to deliver premium restoration and reconstruction services to Houston-area clients. We’ve built a stellar reputation over the years. We’re able to accomplish this by sticking to a core set of principles. When you work with us, you can expect:


We have a team of experienced specialists, all of whom bring different skillsets to the table. If you’ve experienced fire damage at your residential or commercial property, we have a former firefighter on hand to advise. Additionally, all reconstruction jobs are supervised by a reconstruction expert.


We work directly with your insurance carrier and provide you with updates throughout the process. Clean Air Restoration prides ourselves on our communication, and we strive to make sure you don’t experience any more hardship than you already have.


Whether you’re a residential or commercial property owner, you don’t have time to wait. Time spent waiting means long days, weeks, or months shuffling from place to place and lost revenue. We finish all reconstruction projects on time and adhere to industry standards.

Contact Us for Restoration and Reconstruction

Don’t delay. Chances are, your property is salvageable. Clean Air Restoration provides honest, experienced, and organized restoration and reconstruction to Houston, TX residents and business owners suffering from major flood and fire damage. Contact us today.

Call Now for a Free In-Home Estimate.