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Mold can make you sick!

It can cause congestion and sinusitis and lead to more serious illnesses such as respiratory and central nervous system problems, particularly if the mold is toxic mold. The type of illness and how serious the illness depends on the extent of exposure and type of mold. Allergies and the immune system of the persons exposed to mold also affect the extent and type of illness. Mold is a fungus.1

Mayo Clinic determined that 96% of 210 patients with chronic rhinosinusitis had allergic fungal sinusitis based on histopathologic findings and cultures. 101 of those patients had been treated surgically.2

To determine if there is a mold problem, the State requires that you first have an assessment made by a licensed mold assessment consultant.

1 Center for Disease Control and Prevention
2 Mayo Clinic Proc 1999 Sept; 74(9) 877-84

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