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The longer that excess water in your home undetected, the more opportunity it has to cause serious harm. Some signs of water damage are apparent, while others are more subtle. Keep reading to learn some of the most common signs that your home is in need of water damage restoration in Houston.

Water in the basement

All basements are prone to flooding, even if your home is not in an area with typically high flood risk. If you are noticing pools of water in your basement, this may be due to leaky pipes, a broken appliance, or excessive rain that has overloaded your basement’s waterproofing system.


While discoloration usually occurs on ceilings, it can also happen on walls or flooring. Nevertheless, these unsightly stains are a result of water leaving behind minerals and salt after it has gathered and evaporated.

Changes to flooring

Depending on the type of material, water damage to flooring can present itself in various ways. Panel flooring will begin to warp or buckle, while tile can peel, crack, and show signs of mold. Carpeting will feel moist and spongey.

A higher water bill

If your water usage remains about the same, but your bill has been increasing over time, this may be a sign of a broken appliance or leaking pipes.

ceiling discolored by water and mold

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