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Using Innovation to Deliver Premium Restoration Services

Clean Air Restoration is committed to using innovative technology and best practices to deliver satisfactory results to our customers. Property restoration services shouldn’t be complicated. During the chaos of a flood or fire, or in the aftermath of a mold infestation, Houston residents and commercial property owners need a process that works for them, one that eliminates redundancies and results in the most affordable rates. Fortunately, our team uses Xactware’s ContentsTrack™ to thoroughly catalog and repack all of your belongings during the restoration process. ContentsTrack™ simplifies the inventory process of our job.

man holding tablet

ContentsTrack™ Provides Reduced Restoration Timeframes

In the past, our restoration specialists used different computer software and analog documentation methods to inventory your property during restoration jobs. While we pride ourselves on our thoroughness, we couldn’t avoid the time spent and the redundancies of those systems. When we decided to look for a different way of doing things, we found ContentsTrack™. ContentsTrack™ makes our jobs easier, sure, but it provides an invaluable service to you as well, ensuring your property is restored quicker and more efficiently. With ContentsTrack™, we’re able to perform inventory, pricing, and auditing tasks in half the time we used to.

We Can View Real-Time Updates on All Phases of the Process

Not only does ContentsTrack™ allow us to manually input damaged property into a centralized system and attach photos, but it also simplifies the cleaning and restoration process by providing a one-stop-hub for all restoration services. For instance, one of our professionals can search for your antique armchair and receive instant updates on the status of its restoration. This allows us to deliver highly-efficient results at every step of the restoration process. To learn more about how Clean Air Restoration uses ContentsTrack™ to provide enhanced customer satisfaction, contact us today.

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